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Situation: has anyone on here been or going through emotional/mental abuse? I am, and I’m having a difficult time with it. It is my husband, he controls, manulapitates, decieves me and others. He’s the ’Mr. Nice Guy to others, but I know his true nature. He has filed for divorce after I left him only 3 weeks. Had to come back after 6 months, no money, car broke. I left him twice. Last time I went to the YWCA, slept in my car in 10 degree weather, stayed with some friends, etc. He tried to have me evicted for no reason, calling the police and lying about me. After the officer left, they were good friends, and told me not to ever call them because I had a ppo against him but came back. I know I have to get a lawyer, but no money. I have a son that will be deployed in November, but due to my husbands lies about me, my son does not want to see me before he leaves. I had to ’buy’ my way into his wedding in June. Haven’t seen him since. My youngest, 15yo is getting into a lot of trouble and of course pot, drinking, sneeking out of the house. I had a lawyer that rolled over on me. After the hearing she had the documents that I had to sign if I agreed, but she turned them over, wrote out the spousal support I should get, turned it to the last page, told me to hurry and sign before he comes out (due to the ppo). Found out later that it wasn’t her motion, his lawyer wrote it up. I signed over the house, the car, and my custody of my son, temporarily. I now live with my ’husband’ in the same house. He’s making me move to the basement while his lawyer is motioning for legal separation, temporary until the divorce goes through. I don’t have any legal protection, and can’t afford it since he controls the money and I can’t work due to disability. Trying to get assistance for my disability, but takes a long time. All the while he does whatever he wants to me. BTW, the judge dismissed the ppo since I missed two court dates I was not aware of, but he was. I’m sure he through away the mail I was supposed to get for it. Is there ANYONE out there that can help me? Please. Due to his abuse I tried to commit suicide in April, then 3 days later my mom died. If anyone out there can help me, please contact me - email - joyburrows@ymail.com.
My dear you need to take hold of your life. Get professional help for emotions. Your self esteme is very low. Stand your ground. Hurting your self is not the answer. Get medical help and try to find a good lawyer. Sounds like you let enough people use you to their advantage. Let him divorce you. He sounds like a creap I had years ago. When I left I left with clothes I had on nothing more. He destroyed everything I owned. Their cowards. Seek help. Once you feel good about you everything else will fall into place. Live in the basement for a bit.Draw up a plan. If your children desert you let it go for now. You need to take care of you. As for you 15 yr old, he is going to do what he wants, because of the situation, a rebel. Just let him know you still love him. Teens can be horrible throgh the peer years. Hang in there your in a battle. The object of the game is to win. You may walk away with some scars, but you’ll be around to share your war stories and help others. xoxo Life is to percious you only get one shot at it. It’s all about you now. xoxo

I wish I could give you a hug right now. I feel so sad to read your post and hear of the pain you are enduring. It just doesn’t make any sense that there is no one who can help you in this situation. Perhaps you can contact a Lawyer Referral Service (they are usually free of charge). Do you have any family members that you can turn too or your house of worship? I wish I personally could help you. Please keep us posted on how you’re doing via situations discussed.

I hope that this avenue and post will get you the results you wish. Maybe someone will offer you free legal advice.

Situations Discussed - Feel Free to Discuss
Situations Discussed - Feel Free to Discuss
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