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Feel free to discuss any type of family situation with your fellow Situations Discussed members. We hope that your knowledge will help others or you will gain insight from other members. Keep in mind, family matters!
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My daughter she is 19 years old.she is spending her most of the time on computer or cell phone with her friends..she is an average university student.as parents ,we have the problem that she won’t spend enough time with us do nothing at home. Although we are paying her university dues.whenever we try to ask her to do some house chores.she says I am busy ,I will come later and 95 % time she won’t come.whenever I complaint that u won’t talk to us .she says all the time u talk about complaint and u have nothing to talk other things.sometime she says mom this is my teen age ,I will change. Sometime I am scared that she will get her lesson but it will be too late.
She is not a bad girl but as spending her time a lot on computer and phone and eating junk food ,there is no exercise, she is too fat now. She understands this but not doing anything .sometime I feel that I am failed to give her realization .please tell me how to handle her.
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Trending Baby Names of 2012

This year’s list of the Hottest Baby Names evidently proved that even if we don’t get dragged into the hype, “The Hunger Games” books and newly-released movie have made an incredible influence on today’s pop culture. On the other hand, many of the popular baby names this year have followed the same patterns as previous decades. With every new celebrity mom, there comes a new trending baby name. Hollywood has proved to be a strong inspiration for today’s most desired baby names.

Nameberry released their list of individual names that have gained the highest amount of attention compared to last year’s list. If you aren’t familiar with “The Hunger Games,” you may be puzzled as to why you haven’t heard of many of these trending names:

Rue: As one of the main protagonists of “The Hunger Games,” this name has become quite popular for newborn girls. As the little girl that the audience fell in love with in the film, the name is petite and simple like her true character. The name lies beautifully on its own rather than being short for a more complex first name.

Emmett: This name rose during the hype of the “Twilight” series which emerged a couple years back. However, the encouragement of this name could be attributed to the popularity of female names like Emily and Emma.

Weston, Wesley and West: These three names have a variety of cultural influences they could have come from. This name has more of a masculine vibe to it rather than some of the other names on the list. The strongest impact of this popularity is likely due to “The Office’s” Jenna Fisher naming her newborn Weston this year.

Adele: Even if you don’t prefer to listen to today’s mainstream tunes, it’s almost impossible to escape hearing the name Adele on a day-to-day basis. The British pop singer Adele’s popularity exploded over the past year with her Grammy-winning album “21.” I’d like to believe most parents are hopeful that if they name their baby after this starlet, they might develop into a groundbreaking musician like herself.

Grayson and Gray: First was Jason, then there was the rise of Kourtney Kardashian’s baby’s name Mason, and now Grayson? While this name was more popular decades ago, it has rose to become more popular over the past year. Possible attribution of this popularity can be credited to ABC’s new series “Revenge” focusing on the Grayson family.

Aria: This name is short and sweet, similar to the character I believe it got its popularity from. Aria, from ABC Family’s teen drama “Pretty Little Liars,” is a petite brunette with an artistically rebellious side to her. The series gained tremendous popularity after the season 2 finale, which can be credited to the rising use of the name in the past year.

Cyrus: This name could be considered androgynous for many parents. It is considered to be a boy’s name due to its ancient Roman influence. In contrast, the other side of its popularity can be attributed to the teen pop star Miley Cyrus, who probably won’t escape the center of the media’s attention for years to come.

Estelle: This newly trending name has both evident royal and Hollywood influence. After Sweden’s majestic couple named their newborn Estelle earlier this year, the name expanded past European borders. In addition, the R&B singer Estelle traveled from the U.K. to the U.S. to release her new album that includes collaborations from Trey Songz, Chris, Brown, Rick Ross, and more.

Cato: The appearance of “The Hunger Games” influence strikes again! Although Cato was the central antagonist in the saga, the name has a unique ‘o’ ending which is hard to pull off in a fashionable name. In essence, the name has Roman influence as it was mentioned in Shakespeare’s famous play “Julius Caesar.”

Blythe: As a name that derives from the emotion ‘happy,’ it makes sense that new parents have a high admiration for this new name. However, while Gwyneth Paltrow didn’t gain much approval for naming her daughter’s first name Apple, there was heightened appraisal for her middle name, Blythe.
The opinions expressed are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Comcast.
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They say the order of your birth can affect your everyday life. Does your birth order determine who you are? Take the quiz on WebMD. After you take the quiz, let us know your opinion.

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We felt this story should be told in our ’Family’ section. We want your feedback on how you, as parents educate your children on real beauty.

(CNN) -- Marah Rhoades remembers when her daughter, Emilia Cooper, started to worry about weight. She was 5.
That’s when boys at her Brooklyn school started calling her fat. Emilia, now 9, has always been taller and more broadly built than most of the other kids in her class, and she quickly learned her body type made her a target for teasing.
’At that point she became very aware of weight,’ says Rhoades. ’She started coming home and telling her 3-year-old brother, ’If you eat that you’re going to get fat.’’
’We all exercise a lot, and it’s definitely just her body type,’ says Rhoades. ’We started having a dialogue about it, but it’s hard for her to understand that there are different bodies.’
Fat is the new ugly on the school playground. Children as young as 3 worry about being fat. Four- and 5-year-olds know ’skinny’ is good and ’fat’ is bad. Children in elementary school are calling each other fat as a put-down.
As our country becomes more obsessed with increasingly skinny ideals of beauty at the same time that we’re getting more obese, ’Fat hatred has become so pervasive that it is part of the fabric of our language and interactions,’ says Dr. Robyn Silverman, author of ’Good Girls Don’t Get Fat: How Weight Obsession is Messing Up Our Girls and How We Can Help Them Thrive Despite It.’ ’Fat and thin are no longer simply assessments of size or weight, but rather of character. So you can imagine why adoption of these attitudes, diet talk and disordered behavior is happening earlier as well.’
Worrying about weight starts early
Children pick up on stated and unstated messages from their parents and media starting from the time they can open their eyes, quickly learning what the ideal person for their gender looks like. When parents are more concerned with weight, the children are more likely to have the same concerns. But the larger culture of movies, television, Halloween costumes and mass market T-shirts tells young people at a very early age that fat is bad and thin is good. It doesn’t even matter if your children don’t watch television, adore Disney movies or adore Barbies.
’It’s such a strong cultural idea that children are going to start picking up on it immediately, just like gender and what it is to be properly feminine,’ says Dickinson College professor Amy Farrell, author of ’Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture.’ ’It’s not just TV, it’s the entire culture. Fat children are treated differently than slimmer children from the time they’re very young. We hear concern from parents about their babies being fat. We think someone is less intelligent if they are fat.’
The ’fat is bad’ language can start in preschool, where children don’t know what ’fat’ means but they know it’s not good. ’We hear that girls of all different weights worry about being fat because it’s such a lethal hot button for other girls to use,’ says Silverman. ’They associate it with being blameworthy, ugly, lazy, unpopular and all the polar opposites of being happy, well liked, popular and good. It may have nothing to do with how they look.’
It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch any television and send your children to schools that don’t allow children to wear any mass market commercialized T-shirts or bring brand-name toys to share. Western culture’s obsession with weight goes deeper than anything a parent can consciously do to limit its influence, according to Peggy Orenstein, author of ’Cinderella Ate My Daughter.’ She limits her daughter’s exposure to mass media but still heard her talking about weight at age 6, spelling the word ’fat’ in a whisper.
In television, movies and toys, the messages are usually pretty clear: The thin characters are usually good and smart and the fat characters are stupid or evil. Magazines and billboards emphasize the idea that skinny is the goal. ’Fat people are portrayed as evil or stupid,’ says Orenstein. ’It doesn’t take much exposure for kids to understand that message.’
What’s the impact?
Emilia Cooper is an ice skater but won’t lift her arms during her routines because she thinks her arms are too fat. Her mother worries she’s not thinking about more interesting and healthy topics: having fun while skating, learning new routines, her homework or having fun with her friends.
People who diet a lot -- and therefore regularly spend a lot of attention and self-control on what they eat -- often don’t have enough focus for math problems or other exercises, says Jennifer Thomas, a psychology professor at Harvard Medical School and assistant director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Eating Disorders Clinical and Research Program.
It’s also true that growing children and teens need to eat healthy, well-balanced meals to grow into healthy adults. In people who severely limit their food intake for prolonged periods, brain scan studies show their brains shrink, says Thomas.
Talk with them, not at them
Aylin Ellenburg, a Miami mother of 17-year-old triplets, tackled the topic of body image and body disorders with her daughters in a group setting. She helped create a book club with mothers and daughters from her children’s middle school. When they read a novel about a popular teen with an eating disorder, the girls got to share their concerns and hear their mothers’ struggles without feeling like it was a lecture.
’We did it at that early age so they would understand the consequences of being overly concerned about weight and understand that someone could look ’perfect’ and be hurting inside,’ says Ellenburg, who has two girls and one boy. ’The girls really talked about it and us moms got to put in our two cents. The girls enjoyed being at the same level as the adults.’
Stop talking about food in moral terms
Parents whose weight is normal but who talk about how they need to diet or lose weight around the children all the time can have a negative influence on their children, whether it’s Mom talking about dieting because she’s gained a couple of pounds or ’being bad today’ by having a piece of cake. ’Children pick up on the idea that their parents think [the parents] need to lose weight and get in their heads that they [the children] need to do the same,’ says Debbie Rhea, an eating disorders specialist and kinesiology professor at Texas Christian University.
To that end, author Orenstein realized she was sending a signal by not ordering an ice cream cone when her husband and daughter each had one. ’I’m going to have to get an ice cream cone so she knows it’s OK that I do,’ says Orenstein.
Remind your children of your values
If you truly believe in treating people respectfully and celebrating diversity, the buck stops with you. Don’t just talk to your children about your values. Talk about them with other people when your children are listening, live them in the way you treat others and include yourself on the list of people who shouldn’t be criticized for your body type. Don’t accept anyone, even the in-laws, criticizing you or your children for body shape or size.
’Teach your children that everyone deserves to be treated well, no matter size, shape, skin color or how expensive their shoes are!’ says Farrell, ’We come in a diversity of shapes and sizes. Enjoy your body, enjoy physical movement, eat tasty and good-for-you food and celebrate the fact that you are alive.’
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What a nice story. We wanted to share:After twister, surprise blessings for single mom

(CBS News) -- Ten days ago, a tornado roared through Harrisburg, Ill., killing seven people and destroying more than 100 homes.

One home that was badly damaged was that of Amanda Headrick, who was nine months pregnant.

But in the last few days, reports CBS News correspondent Elaine Quijano, Headrick’s life has been transformed from utter despair to a big bundle of joy.

She didn’t say it out loud, but Headrick had been dreading bringing her newborn son home from the hospital to what she thought was going to be an old, run-down rental house. It had been the only option for Headrick, her 10-year-old daughter, Trinity, and her new son, Kayden.

The powerful Feb. 29 tornado destroyed their apartment. Kayden was born March 5.

What Headrick didn’t know is that her aunt had recruited a charity called Operation Blessing to fix up the rental property.

An army of hundreds of volunteers cleaned, painted and renovated the house - just in time for Headrick’s homecoming.

She had no idea.

’Oh my God!’ she exclaimed when she saw the house.

It was furnished - Kayden’s nursery fully-stocked with clothes and supplies - and sporting a rocking chair, something Headrick had always wanted.

There was a room for Trinity, too. Someone had even thought to hang family photos on the walls.

It was everything needed to make a fresh start. And Headrick, who’d been staying in a motel after the storm, was extremely grateful.

’I just want to thank everybody for helping us,’ an emotional Headrick said. ’We are so, so thankful, and so blessed.’

On ’CBS This Morning: Saturday,’ Jody Gettys, Operation Blessing’s director of U.S. disaster relief, explained to co-host James Brown that on Monday, when Headrick was actually in labor, her aunt came to their volunteer command center and ’basically told us Amanda’s story: She lost her home during the tornado, she was at the hospital giving birth to Baby Kayden, and she did not have a place to move into.

’And she said, ’All I need is, I need somebody to come clean and put down a little bit of carpet and paint the walls, because there’s no way she can come home to the trailer. It’s just not clean, it’s not safe.’

’And so, when our team, our staff, our volunteers heard the story, we said, not only are we going to come in and help get it clean and safe for the baby to come home, but we want to take it up to what we call ’extreme blessing level,’’ said Gettys. ’So we basically re-did the whole inside of the trailer, the outside, as well as filled it full of furniture and everything this family needs to get back on their feet.’

Headrick told Brown her favorite room is now her bedroom, ’because it’s somewhere I can go, relax, and I’ve never had my own bedroom and bed, and (have) it be comfortable like that. And when - he (doesn’t) really bother me so much. But my 10-year-old, she kind of drives me crazy every now and then, so - just a place I can go, be by myself.’

What Headrick didn’t know was that Gettys had another surprise for her on the broadcast. She told Headrick the same volunteers who’s renovated her home had pooled their money to pay the majority of Headrick’s rent for a year.

An overwhelmed Headrick began to cry and simply said, ’Thank you,’ as she and Gettys hugged each other tightly.

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Click on the following link to meet the New Dugger Family.
How many kids are enough? We want to hear your opinion!

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I found a website called ’Kozy Kovers for Kids’ and thought it would be good to share. It’s a great cause.

The following website ’Kozy Kovers for Kids’ makes handmade blankets for foster children. They are trying to get people from all 50 states and other countries to like them on Facebook and follow along as they make a difference... Please stop by and tell them where you are from: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kozy-Kovers-for-Kids/253991638070
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If you have stressful family situations, you will want to read the following tips we found in Readers Digest.
How to Deal With Stressful Family Situations
These tips will help you keep peace in the family.

from Amazing Insider Secrets: 1703 Money Saving Tips

Sometimes family can get the best of us. How do you show grace under pressure? California psychotherapist Tina B. Tessina offers these insider’s techniques:

1. Put it in perspective. Will what they’re saying or doing be important in an hour or two? A day from now? Most won’t.

2. Rise above it. Next time you are totally fed up with your mother, remind yourself of all of the tough times she has experienced.

3. Cut yourself a break. If your mother upsets you by bringing up that failed first marriage again, don’t beat yourself up for getting tense about it. Your reaction is normal. It’s what you do about it that counts.

4. Take a time-out. If you can’t send your uncle Richie to timeout when he’s had one vodka martini too many, at least you can send yourself there. Take a walk or go shopping.

5. Keep your mouth shut. One of the most powerful tools you have is silence. Use it!

6. Pretend they don’t belong to you. If your in-laws are obnoxious, pretend they’re your friend’s parents. You wouldn’t snap and say something you’d regret to your friend’s parents, would you?
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Here are 5 fun exercises for family activities.
Thanks Web MD

5 Simple, Fun Ideas for Family FitnessWebMD Medical Reference
Reviewed By Roy Benaroch, MD
You know why exercise is important for your family -- it can increase life expectancy, lower heart risks, help control weight, and improve school performance. And it helps kids to burn off some energy. Plus, perhaps most importantly, because inactive children are likely to become inactive adults, making family activities and fitness part of your child’s life at an early age can go a long way toward helping them form healthy habits for life.

But don’t expect your kids to understand -- or even care -- about those things. Your job is to make them see that exercise is fun. When exercise feels like play, your whole family will enjoy it more and be more likely to stick with it.

As a parent, you are a powerful role model. If you find ways to be more active every day, your kids will follow your lead.

Here are five ideas for family fitness that can get you all moving.

1. Make Time to Play

Set aside 30 minutes three times a week to do fun exercises with your kids. Make it a part of your after-school or after-dinner routine. If your kids are young, they might enjoy hopscotch or hide-and-seek. Kick a soccer ball around with older children.

Also plan at least one family activity every weekend. It can be as simple as taking the little ones to the playground -- or as challenging as an all-day hike with your teenager.

A key to getting kids moving is planning time for physical activities. You can find that time by turning off the TV, for starters -- and keeping TVs out of the kids’ bedrooms. Then offer a variety of family activities, both competitive and noncompetitive. Exploring different ways to move their bodies will help children find exercises they enjoy and want to stick with for the long run.

2. Walk or Bicycle Everywhere You Can

Use muscle power: Bike or walk to the grocery store, library, or to your child’s school or sports events. Go for a 30-minute family walk after dinner instead of heading right for the television. Track everyone’s mileage or steps with a pedometer, and try to add more distance every week. Use a family exercise log or colorful stickers to track your progress. Put your log or chart on the refrigerator as a reminder to keep up the good effort together.

3. Plan Active Family Gatherings

Serve up family fitness as well as food at your child’s birthday party by planning active games such as tag or relay races. Older kids might enjoy throwing a dance party.

Any large gathering of kids is also a great opportunity to play a team sport. Just head to a nearby soccer field or basketball court. Other active party ideas: a pool party, in-line or ice skating, or climbing at an indoor rock gym.

At family or holiday gatherings, turn off the TV and take a walk around the neighborhood or go for a short hike at a local park. Or get everyone outside for a game of catch or shooting hoops.
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Do you think overly strict parents have disrespectful kids? Read the article and let us know your opinion.

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